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My Story

Hi, my name is Kim Anton and I am here to tell you my why. Why did I join Scentsy?

Well, I had never heard of Scentsy and was invited to a Scentsy party. I love candles and nice smelling things, so decided to go. Before I went, I had a quick look at the link I was sent and liked what I saw.

I arrived at the party, walked into the room and was like 'WOW!' The smell just hit me, it was sooo nice. The products that were on display were beautiful.

I then went over to the table where the testers were laid out - all 80+! I didn't notice at first, but they were set out spelling the words 'JOIN ME'. I started smelling all the amazing smells and thought 'Why not?' Why not join? I was already hooked at that point. I asked the Scentsy Consultant for some information, who was so lovely and friendly. I could tell see loved the products too, which helped me decide. This is what helped me make one of the best on the spot decisions that I've ever made.

I went home that night, logged onto the website and clicked join. 
I work full-time, I'm married with two small children and commute to work everyday.
Scentsy gives me my 'ME' time, some extra money each month to spend on the children, treat myself, or put away for something for the family. I love the fact that I can get free and half price items, to feed my Scentsy addiction! I also love the flexibility. You put as much time into it as you can and it fits perfectly around my life.
I am not very confident, so at first was a little unsure. I started to doubt myself. What if no one else liked it as much as me? What if I was no good at it? etc. But with the help of my sponsor and other consultants, I am so glad I did it. The people I meet, the new friends I've made, the amazing team I'm part of, the confidence it has given me, the products are amazing, the incentive trips which are available to earn, rewards, extra money and everything else that Scentsy is.

Thank you for reading my story. xx

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to chat to you. Xx